Inside SES

SES (Steel Equipment Specialists) is a leading supplier of equipment and services for the metals, metals forming and all related industries. Our innovative, custom-engineered and manufactured equipment are created by our expert team of engineers and tailored to the specific needs of our customers. It’s by providing these integrated, customized solutions that we’re able to help meet and exceed our customers’ objectives while enhancing their processes and increasing their efficiencies.

We take great pride in offering specialty new equipment or redesigned improved equipment to all types of steel manufacturers. Whether transporting hot molten steel in one of our Ladle Transfer Cars, to transferring or cooling steel bars or tubes, to charging or extracting a slab of steel into a hot furnace, or moving and rotating a coil of steel and transporting it from one area of the mill to another, we offer state-of-the-art, technological solutions to meet your specific needs. By combining our unique “Design and Build” structure and the talents of our expert team, we’re able to handle projects ranging from small, specialty custom equipment to major capital expansions and investments.

Should returning machinery to factory specifications not be the optimum solution for our customer, our continuous improvement engineers employ a “Redesign and Rebuild” structure. This concept is applied throughout equipment repair to determine the root cause of the failure and improve the existing design before returning to service—with an end result being increased efficiency of equipment and elimination of failure.

In order to expand our offering to include complete control and automation services and facilities engineering, SES acquired SES Automation, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our Control and Automation solutions company not only increases our ability to offer more holistic services to our customers, but also allows us to expand our customer base to other markets, such as power or energy.

Founded in 1976, SES has grown to an organization of over 150 people, servicing the equipment needs of our customers throughout the domestic American market, as well as internationally (Canada, Mexico, China, Brazil, Russia, Turkey). Our main offices (located in Alliance, Ohio) are home to our two (2) high-quality manufacturing facilities. It’s here our mechanical and electrical engineers get hands-on involvement in the construction phase of our designs.