Packaging Systems

SES is a leading designer and manufacturer of Packaging Systems for flat products, as well as long products, pipe and tube. We provide a variety of fully automated and semi-automated systems for product forming and bundling, strapping, product identification, weighing, and wrapping. These Packaging Systems are typically used in areas where a high volume of product is frequently prepped and packaged for storage or shipment. SES can adapt our Packaging Systems to your custom-product needs.

Coil Packaging Systems
This Coil Packaging System was implemented to eliminate safety hazards by utilizing a completely automated “hands-free” operation. The system included coil tail preparation, coil weighing, coil strapping, coil identification, coil transfer, pallet positioning, pallet/coil upending, pallet/coil shrink wrapping, and final product transfer to an awaiting transport vehicle.

Tube/Pipe Hex Bundling and Packaging Systems
SES offers a variety of Tube/Pipe Hex Bundling and Packaging Systems. The system below was designed for high-speed (one pipe every 14 seconds) and high-capacity (up to 10 ton 40” hex shapes). The hex was also able to offset every other pipe to accommodate for upset ends. Our fully automated packaging system allowed for both layer mode and hex mode, and included pipe counting/singulating, pipe strapping, pipe weighing, bundle identification, and bundle transfer.

Long Product Stacking/Packaging/Bundling
SES is also a leading designer and manufacturer for many Long Product Stacking/Packaging/Bundling Systems. Our standard product line includes SBQ and MBQ Hex Bundling and Packaging Systems, Medium and Small Section Stacking, Packaging, and Bundling Systems, as well as Rebar Anti-Roping and Bundling Systems.